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When the FSLogix Office 365 container is used with any other profile solution (except local Windows profiles) the following folders need to be excluded from handling by the profile solution or errors may occur.

Using Microsoft UPD disks currently requires that the UPD 'include' mode configuration be used not the 'exclude' mode configuration. UPD exclude mode is not supported currently as it does not work correctly (15 Nov 2018).


This fixes the following warning found in the FSLogix Profile log on user logon: <name> is not your original OneDrive folder

Exclude profile solution (except FSLogix profile solution) syncing for the following directories (and sub-dirs):

  1. Users\<Username>\<OneDrive folder name>

    This folder name depends on your Office 365 subscription, so it is not a fixed name. If you have a question what this folder name is for sure, please set HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Logging\LoggingEnabled  = 2 and log off and back on. Then look in c:\programdata\fslogix\logs\odfc\<find file with todays date>. In the log file search for "OneDrive folder is" and you will see which folder needs to be excluded.

  2. Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive


Exclude the following directory (and sub-dirs):


Exclude the following directory (and sub-dirs):


Skype for Business

Exclude the following directory (and sub-dirs):


The 16.0 can change depending on the version of Office/Skype used so the exclusion may be different if using something other than Office 2016


Exclude the following directory (and sub-dirs):