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C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules

Deploying a rule set

Copy the rule file (.fxr) and assignment file (.fxa) to the rules directory.

Deploying a Java rule set

For URL(s) - .XML file into the rules directory.

For Application(s) - Copy the rule file (.fxr) and assignment file (.fxa) into the rules directory.

Any method (manual copy, file distribution systems, ftp, etc.) can be used to copy the rule files into this folder.

Any rule sets copied into / updated / deleted from the "Rules" folder will be automatically detected by the Service (frxsvc.exe) and compiled into a special format used by the Drivers (frxdrv.sys and frxdrvvt.sys). The service will then notify the driver of a change and the driver performs a live update of your installed rule sets. The compiled rule set files are located in C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\CompiledRules


Here is a video that shows the effect of copying files into and out of the Rules folder:



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