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The various components of the FSLogix agent make extensive use of logging.  Examination of the log files is the first place to look when trying to determine how the system is behaving.

At the top of each log file, the system records some basic information such as the versions of the FSLogix agent components, etc.

Each operation performed by FSLogix components will create a section that contains all of the relevent log entries for that operation.

At the beginning of each day, a new log file is begun.  The daily log files are kept for 7 days by default.  Log files older than this period are removed.

The default path for the log files can be changed.  For example, it may be useful to redirect the log files to a network share when using non-persistent machines.

For each log entry, an entry of zero indicates success.  When looking for problems, scan for non-zero entries.

Installation expectations:

  • A new install (or an install after an uninstall) will set the default level of logging. It will also clear previous logging settings if they were different from the default and put everything to the default level.
  • An upgrade install will leave all logging settings as they exist before the ungrade install.

Logging Settings

Registry Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Logging

Value NameValue TypeDescription

Specifies the location where log files should be stored. Local and UNC paths are accepted. Default is %ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs.

Note that logging is done as SYSTEM when logging to a local drive, and as the Computer Object when logging to a network share. When logging to the network, be sure to grant access for the Computer Object to the network share and the folder.


New log files are begun each day. This specifies how many to keep. If the value is not set, the default is ‘7’. Default set by install is 2.

LoggingEnabledDWORDThis value can be '0', '1', or '2'. When set to '0', the specific settings for each log file are ignored and all log files are disabled. When set to '1' the specific settings for each log file are honored. When set to '2', the specific settings for each log file are ignored and all log files are enabled. Default set by install is 2.

This value be set between 0 and 3 inclusive, with the following meanings. Changing this value will take effect at the next reboot.

0 - Log DEBUG level messages and higher

1 - Log INFO level messages and higher

2 - Log WARN level messages and higher

3 - Log ERROR level messages and higher

RobocopyLogPathREG_SZSpecifies a log file name and path where the output of robocopy calls (e.g., during mirroring of data in or out of a VHD) will be logged. If the value is non-existent then the robocopy results are not logged at all. This setting is recommended to be used only for troubleshooting.

Component Log Files

Registry Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Logging

Values are of type DWORD and are set to '0' to disable logging for the component, or '1' to enable logging for the component. All items not annotated with a default value set by install are either not present or set to 0 by the install.

ComponentValue NameDefault Path
Profile Configuration ToolConfigTool%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\ConfigTool. Default set by install is 1.
IE Plugin (Java Control)IEPlugin%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\FSLogix\Java\Logs
Rule EditorRuleEditor%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\RuleEditor
Java Rule EditorJavaRuleEditor%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\JavaRuleEditor
FSLogix Agent Service (frxsvc.exe)Service%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Service
ProfilesProfile%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Profile. Default set by install is 1.
Java LauncherFrxLauncher%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\FrxLauncher
Office 365 ContainerODFC%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\ODFC
Rule CompilationRuleCompilation%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\RuleCompilation
Font VisibilityFont%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Font
Network InformationNetwork%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Network
Printer VisibilityPrinter%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Printer
AD Computer Group ProcessingAdsComputerGroup%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\AdsComputerGroup
Driver InterfaceDriverInterface%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\DriverInterface
Windows Search RoamingSearch%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\Search. Default set by install is 1.
Windows Search PluginSearchPlugin%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\SearchPlugin
Process Start MonitorProcessStart%ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\ProcessStart

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