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After the FSLogix agent is installed, "ConfigurationTool.exe" can be found in the FSLogix Apps folder. The Default location is C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps.


The values configured here, as well as more can be found in FSLogix Profiles Configuration Settings

If you are doing interactive testing, don't forget to press Save to have your changes take effect.

Enable FSLogix Profiles

Checking this box will enable FSLogix Profiles. This must be checked in order for the Profiles feature to work.


This allows the user to specify the location(s) for the profile containers (VHD/X files). Starting from the top of the list, FSLogix will attempt to create a profile in the location specified and go down the list until creation is successful or the list is exhausted. 

Make sure that the permissions for the folder(s) in the list are set to allow the user to create a folder. 

Volume Type

Volume type indicates whether the container will be either a VHD or a VHDX

Windows 7 Does not Support VHDX, Make sure to use VHD when using Windows 7.

Container Properties

  •  Default Size Indicates the size that that the profile containers will be when created.
  •  Allocation Type Lets the user choose between Dynamic and Full allocation. The profile container size will grow when using dynamic allocation, and will be the default size when created if using full allocation.

    Dynamic profile creation is faster and has no noticeable disadvantages when compared to full allocation.


  • Profile Reload Maximum Retry Count Sets the number of times that FSLogix system will retry when it fails because the VHD/X file is in use.
  • Profile Reload Retry Interval The time in seconds that FSLogix will wait between retries.


  • Inclusion List The users that will be put into profile containers
  • Exclusion List The users that will be untouched by profile containers.  The Exclusion list takes priority in the case where the user is a member of both groups.

Member of Exclude GroupNot a Member of Exclude Group
Member of Include GroupProfile System InactiveProfile System Active
Not a Member of Include GroupProfile System InactiveProfile System Inactive

Import/ Export Settings

This allows the current profile settings to be exported to be used elsewhere or imported into the current system.

Profile Folder Redirection

Open/Close Profile

Opens a certain profile container for which the redirection may be configured. 

The User must be signed out to be able to open the profile.

Don't forget to close the profile when finished. If not closed, the Profile system will fail to attach the VHD and a temporary profile will be created.

Exclude Common folders

This list lets the user choose common folders to exclude from being redirected into the profile container.

Folder Inclusion/Exclusion List

The Exclusion List allows the user to specify folders to be redirected from the profile to local profile location.

The Path specified is relative to the user profile directory (%userprofile%). 

When the path is selected, two more options are provided:

  • Copy Base Copies What is already in the selected folder of the profile container to the local profile.
  • Copy Back Copies the content of the local profile into the profile container as well. 

The Inclusion List allows for a child folder of a folder in the exclusion list to be included in the profile container. This is helpful if all but one or two folders need to be excluded, the desired folders can be added here.

Load/Save Template

Allows the template to be saved in order to be used on other systems and to import a template already made into the current system.

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