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  • Compare the current values of Status, Reason, and Error to the documentation here.
  • Check the log files.  Look for non-zero codes being returned (zero indicates success).
  • If you have trouble installing FSLogix apps, verify you have the required hotfixes/patches listed on the install page: FSLogix Apps Agent Installation
  • Do you have a valid file system location in the 'VHDLocations' setting?
  • Does the user have 'Full Control' to the VHD/X file on the file server?
  • Is the user a member of the local FSLogix ODFC Include group and NOT a member of the FSLogix ODFC Exclude group?
  • If you are Using Windows Server 2016 and the OneDrive Icons aren't showing up, don't worry, that is the intended behavior from Microsoft
  • Outlook does not show up in the windows indexing options when FSLogix is virtualizing Outlook Search. This is the expected behavior.

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