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Instructions for getting Application Masking working quickly can be found in the Application Masking - Quick Start guide.

FSLogix Apps Application masking is used to hide certain applications and all of those programs' components from certain groups, users, and processes. 


FSLogix Apps Rule Editor

Rule Files (.fxr) and assignment files (.fxa) are created using the FSLogix Rule Editor or the command line utility (Frx.exe).

The Rule editor is a GUI application that comes with FSLogix in the zip file and must be installed separately.

Managing User and Group Assignments

Users, groups, processes, computers, network locations and Directory containers can all be affected by rules that govern the masking of applications. 

Deploying Rule Sets and Assignment Files

The files generated by the Rule editor are moved to the rules folder in order for the masking to take effect. 

Application Visibility Reports

Application Visibility Reports can be created to help administrators understand and manage current rules and visibility of different programs to certain users. 




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