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frxtray.exe is included in the .zip file provided from FSLogix. When run, it will run in the tray and can be brought up to the desktop by selecting the tray icon and choosing "open".

Basic Profile Information

The FrxTray Utility shows basic information about the current profile. 

  • Profile status as represented by the traffic light and accompanying message
  • Total space allotted to the profile container 
  • Remaining space that can be used by the profile container 
  • Size on the disk currently (This will be change if the profile VHD uses dynamic allocation and will be almost the same as Total space if The profile VHD uses full allocation)

Usage Notifications

The FrxTray tool can be used to show usage notifications for the profile container that show up when the user logs on. This is configured by adding the correct registry values to HKLM\SOFTWARE\FSLogix\frxtray.

Value NameValue TypeDescription
Determines when a notification will be shown to the user. The number is equivalent to what percent of the VHD must be filled in order to display the message. If it is set to 10, then the message will be shown when 10% of the profile VHD is full.
Indicates a custom message to be shown in the notification. "%1" is a special string that will be replaced by the remaining space. For example, if the message is "Running out of space, %1 remaining", it will actually show something like "Running out of space, 100 MB remaining".
If set to 1, this will notify the user that they are logged on as a read only user. This will only effect those who have FSLogix RW/RO profiles enabled.

View Advanced Information

By clicking the Advanced View button in the top right, the window will expand. This allows the user to view logs and other system events having to do with FSLogix. This is useful for troubleshooting or configuring FSLogix.

Only the logs that are created will show up in the FrxTray Utility. Information on logging can be found in Logging




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