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The FSLogix Profile Container feature and the Office 365 Container feature are both capable of roaming the Windows Search database.  Roaming the Windows Search database with the user profile means that Windows Search is available immediately after logon and no re-indexing needs to take place.

Profile Containers

To enable Windows Search database roaming for the Profile Container feature, set 'RoamSearch' to '1' as documented on the FSLogix Profiles Configuration Settings page.

Office 365 Containers

To enable Windows Search database roaming for the Office 365 Container feature, set 'RoamSearch' to '1' as documented on the Office 365 Configuration Settings page.

If both the FSLogix Profile Container feature and the Office 365 Container feature are active and both are configured to roam the Windows Search database, the system will put the database into the Profile container.

Windows Search database roaming is only supported on systems that have a single concurrent user. Concurrent multi-user systems, like XenApp, are not supported.


  • Enable the log settings for Windows Search Roaming
  • Check the log files generated under %programdata%\FSLogix\Logs\Search



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