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Deploying a rule set requires access to the "Rules" directory in your FSLogix install location.  The default location is: C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules.

Any method (manual copy, file distribution systems, ftp, etc.) can be used to copy the rule files into this folder.

Any rule sets copied into / updated / deleted from the "Rules" folder will be automatically detected by the Service (frxsvc.exe) and compiled into a special format used by the Drivers (frxdrv.sys and frxdrvvt.sys). The service will then notify the driver of a change and the driver performs a live update of your installed rule sets. The compiled rule set files are located in C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\CompiledRules

Deploying a rule set

Copy the rule file (.fxr) and assignment file (.fxa) to the rules directory.

Deploying a Java rule set

For URL(s) - .XML file into the rules directory.

For Application(s) - Copy the rule file (.fxr) and assignment file (.fxa) into the rules directory.



Here is a video that shows the effect of copying files into and out of the Rules folder:



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