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The FSLogix Apps Rule Editor lets you:

  • Create new Rule Sets
  • Edit existing Rule Sets
  • Manage the user and group assignments for Rule Sets

When looking at the main window, the Rule Sets that are currently open are listed in on the left side and the Rules of the selected Rule Set are listed on the right. A search bar is positioned above the list of Rules and can be used to filter the list of Rules that are displayed.

Rule Editor Installation

The rule editor is installed on the admin computer where you want to create rules. It is not installed on client computers.

Create a New Rule Set

A Rule set determines which installed program is affected by a rule.

Add a Rule

When a Rule Set is open and selected, a new Rule can be added.

Application Visibility Reports

The Reporting feature helps administrators understand how the current assignments affect application visibility for specific Active Directory users. Reports can be generated for specific users, specific groups (in the Rule Editor), and all users.



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