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The ADMX and ADML files are included in the distribution zip file.


To use the template files locally:

  1. Copy the ADMX file (FSLogixODFC?.?.admx) to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions
  2. Copy the ADML file (FSLogixODFC?.?.adml) to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US
  4. Browse to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | FSLogix | Office 365 Container

GPO Central Store

To populate the central store:

  1. Copy the ADMX file (FSLogixODFC?.?.admx) to %logonserver%\sysvol\%userdnsdomain%\policies\PolicyDefinitions
  2. Copy the ADML file (FSLogixODFC?.?.adml) to %logonserver%\sysvol\%userdnsdomain%\policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-US
  3. Run GPMC.MSC
  4. Browse to Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | FSLogix | Office 365 Container



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