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The default settings for Profile Containers and Office 365 Containers can be overridden by specifying settings that apply to a specific user or specific groups.  

User specific settings are given first priority followed by group specific settings and finally the normal settings.

To create a user or group setting:

  1. Create a key named "ObjectSpecific" in the registry under one of the following keys:
    1. HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Profiles (for Profile Containers)
    2. HKLM\Software\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC (for Office 365 Containers)
  2. Under this key, create a key named with the SID of the object. This object is the user or group to which the new value will be assigned.
  3. Under the SID key, create the value that represents the setting.  For example, "(DWORD) IsDynamic = 1"

You can determine that the setting is taking effect by examining the log file.  There will be an entry in the log file where the value is being read.  It will show where the setting is being read from.

Example (using the VolumeType setting):

In the log files saved at \programdata\fslogix\logs\profiles\... the following will be seen for the VolumeType setting depending on how it is configured.

Registry configurationResultant message in log file
Setting not in registry Configuration setting not found: SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles\VolumeType.  Using default: VHD
Setting specifiedConfiguration Read (REG_SZ): SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles\VolumeType.  Data: VHDX
Setting specific to user or groupConfiguration Read (REG_SZ): SOFTWARE\FSLogix\Profiles\ObjectSpecific\S-1-5-21-306146113-3061682913-806882557-2166\VolumeType.  Data: VHD

To determine the SID of an object, you can use the wmic.exe command.  For example:

  • To retrieve the SID of a user whose name is "john", run "wmic useraccount where name="john" get sid".
  • To retrieve the SID of a group whose name is "Domain Admins", run "wmic group where name="Domain Admins" get sid".
  • To retrieve the name of a user whose SID is "S-1-5-21-2417102143-4260430507-1482311895-1919", run "wmic useraccount where sid="S-1-5-21-2417102143-4260430507-1482311895-1919" get name".
  • And to get the name of a group from a SID follow the pattern of the user example but apply to the item on how to get the SID of a group.