This guide is intended to provide the most basic steps required to get the FSLogix Application Masking feature functioning. More detail about Application Masking can be found in the Application masking section of the documentation.

  1. Ensure you are installing on a supported platform.  Windows 7+ and Windows Server 2008 R2+ (32 bit and 64 bit) are supported.
  2. Install the FSLogix Agent
    The distribution zip file contains 32 and 64 bit versions of FSLogixAppsSetup.exe.  Choose the appropriate installer for your platform.
  3. Install the FSLogix Rule Editor. It can be found in the same folder as the FSLogix Agent. 
  4. Create a new rule set
    1. Open the Rule editor and select the New Rule Icon  (Alternatively, File > New)
    2. Name the new rule set and press enter or click Enter file name.
    3. On the new dialogue, select the radial button next to Choose from installed programs.

    4. Select the program you would like to hide or mask and press scan.
      - Once the scan is complete, press Ok.

      It is important to remember that depending on the program, the Scanning utility might not be able to find all of the components of the application. Rules will then need to be added in order to properly hide the program.

  5. Manage Assignments - Assignments determine who the rule applies to. Those who will not be able to see the application when it is hidden.
    1. Now that the directories and registry keys have populated the rule editor window, click on the Manage Assignments button. 
    2. In the new dialogue, click add and continue to add who this applies to. 
      - Your choices include: User, Group, Process, Network Location, Computer, Directory Container.
      - Make sure that the domain is correct when selecting an object, The Select Users or Groups is helpful in making sure everything is valid.

    3. When done selecting all objects you wish to include, click OK
  6. Save the Rule set and deploy in order to see it take effect. 

    To see immediate results without permanently applying the rules, press the Apply Rules to System Button.

    A. .fxr and .fxa file are created  when the rule set is saved. The default location is C:\users\%username%\documents\FSLogix Rule Sets.
    B.  Copy the .fxr and .fxa files into the rule folder, the default location for the rules folder is C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules.